Expert Services in Customer & Marketing Management

Our Products & Services

Assisting the management and mobilizing organizations to design and implement customer-centric strategies and plans. Managing the change from insight to impact.

Marketing / PR / Business
Development Audit

We provide feedback on appropriate size of your marketing team, team mandate, quality of resources, roles, who decides what, who is responsible, quality of marketing output, attractivity + awareness + relevance of the brand.

We identify current situation, expected future state and the gap to be adressed by actions and change.

We prioritize on recommended actions in time/ cost matrix.

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Brand & Corporate

We define core idea of your business and key point of difference based on your insights.

We propose and deliver both, verbal and vizual identity.

We show you the ways of application on marketing tools.

We deliver final applications.

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Marketing Strategy
& Planning Process

We design and facilitate an annual marketing planning process for you across the organization that will take your teams from key insights to impact and action.

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New Product Development
& New Launches

We assess the opportunity to launch any new product to any location and any market. We give you second opinion or we develop the launch plan and manage the process for you. The objective is to launch sustainable proposition from a long-term perspective.

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Interim Management
& Special Projects

Do you have ambitious targets and lack of resources in short-term? Do you need an extra hands on incremental business plans or special project assignments? Are you looking for a new CMO / marketing manager, you need time for a good decision but have to deliver results in the meantime?

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Marketing Services
for Lawyers

We provide special marketing services for legal firms, attorneys, legal professionals and relationship based businesses.

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Other specialties include:

  • New growth using existing brands, managing portfolio to optimize volume and profits
  • Change Management
  • Implementation of Customer-oriented culture, Customer Experience
  • Expansion of Sales, Distribution and Service Channels
  • Marketing for start-ups and business development